Real-time Desktop Support Service

On demand of IT Support, no matter where you are in Singapore, in just a couple of clicks, you can be connected to a consultant who can diagnose and solve your IT issues.

A reactive system that is robust and saves hours and hours of time and money. Rescue connections are simple to start and enable our qualified staff to deal with any software-based issue within seconds. Ideal for keeping staff working at optimum levels, cutting down on call costs and helping remote non office-based workers experience quality IT Support.

Maybe you’re an in-house IT technician and are struggling to keep on top of user issues while maintaining a strong stable network. By letting your workforce come to us for day-to-day user support, this will free up your time for important network issues and greatly reduces the cost of getting another in-house member of staff.

With 24/7 technical support through Smart Hosting, we have a tailored solution to fit any business size. Whether it is a big issue or small issue, everything that comes by to us are also Our Issue! So don’t hesitate, give us a call if you encounter or have any IT problems that you faced.

Software & Hardware Purchase

We represent your interest to analyze, source, evaluate and purchase hardware and software that meet your operational and strategic needs.

IT System, Installation and Maintenance

We perform all PC, server/network-related work, ranging from the installation of LAN cables, to network VLAN, VPN and firewall design and configurations.

Network & Computer Systems Operation and Monitoring

Operating and monitoring for all your systems, for fast and effective defect detection, troubleshooting, remotely or onsite. Database and IT/Operational System Consulting/Development.

We, Smart Hosting work with strong partners in security, consultation and implementation of all IT systems.